Dual Credit Classes

    Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take college hours. There are prerequisites and score requirements in order to qualify. Students beginning with the Class of 2015 will only be allowed to take electives needed for graduation their junior year due to the EOC. All core subjects will be taken senior year.


    History 1301/1302



    English 1301/1302

    Math: College Algebra/ Statistics

    Art Appreciation

    Music History


    Spanish 1411/1412

    All courses are 250.00 per semester with the exception of Spanish (300.00). Courses are high school and college credits and are based on college awards of 3 hours per course except Spanish (4). 

    TSI Exempt from taking a mandatory TSI assessment test based on proof of ONE of the following minimum scores:


    ACT:23 composite with 19 in English and/or 19 in Mathematics, or

    SAT:1070 composite with 500 in CriticalReadingand/or 500 in Mathematics.

    EOC must meet satisfactory levels if on Recommended and college ready in ELA III and Algebra II if on Distinguished