January 10, 2024


     Instructions for local scholarship applications:


    • 1. Make arrangements for recommendation letters. You need to ask for two. One letter needs to be from someone in the community rather than school. Have the letters written generically so you can use them for all the local scholarships. Attach both letters of recommendations to every local scholarship. You may get more letters if you wish however the requirement is two.

     2. All local scholarships must be turned in to Mrs. Gardner by 3:30 on March 5th . There are no extensions as there is a lot of work to do after they have been turned in. Mrs. Gardner contacts the local organizations and they pick up all scholarships. Do not take any scholarship application to an organization yourself.


    • 3. All local scholarships ask for your class rank and GPA. Everyone has been given a copy of their new transcript in the packet. All information for this is on the front and back of your transcripts. Notice on the request for grade average it asks for the college 4.0 and the GPA. Your college 4.0 is located in the right column at the bottom of the transcript and your GPA is on the left column at the bottom of the transcript. They are clearly marked. Please only carry 3 decimals. Example GPA is 3.66. Your ACT is easy, just record the composite score. Example: 21. The SAT you will combine the three categories together for a total. Example: SAT reading: 480, Math: 550, and Word: 500. Add the three and these three categories only for your score. Example: 1530.Mrs. Gardner must still place the official school seal on each scholarship application so make sure all scholarships are complete and handed in at one time.Do not attach a copy of your transcript to any local scholarship as they do not want them. All they want is the rank and GPA and information.
    • 4. When you are ready to turn in your scholarship packets pleaseDO NOT paper clip each scholarship, STAPLE them individuallyand turn them in, in the order of your list. Do not put them in a folder or decorative display. Only turn in when you have completed all scholarships, they are not accepted individually.
    • 5, All local scholarships that use the same form are available on theJISD website under JHS, then counselor, then “local scholarship” tab. Once you are in local scholarships, on the right hand side there is a link "Standard Scholarship Form". Select this link and you can fill it out online and then print it. You can type all your information on one and then cut and paste to all the other forms and print. Remember to change the scholarship name at the top. It will save you a lot of time. Please remember to check your scholarship list as several local scholarships have specific forms and have their own tab/link. All scholarships must have the standard RESPONSE formattached, as well as, the standard form. Please make sure you do one and make copies to attach to all. Form is on the website.
    • 6. The computer lab is available during school hours (7:30 - 4:30). If any student needs time after school hours to work on these scholarships due to no internet at home please contact Mrs. Gardner and a time will be scheduled.

    Any questions or concerns please contact Robin Gardner at 446-3328 or 446-3326 or robin.gardner@junctionisd.net

      IMPORTANT – Order of Scholarships when stapled:

    1) Standard Form

    2) Letter of college acceptance

    3) Response Form

    4) Letters of recommendations (must be two or more)

     Please make sure every scholarship has the correct scholarship name on the top of the front of the standard form and that all questions have been answered. Any incomplete scholarship will not be considered for award. Remember you have a deadline to turn in scholarships in the packet correctly labeled to Mrs. Gardner by Tuesday, March 5th at 3:30pm. There will be no extensions.