• JES Mission Statement:
    The students and staff at JES will foster the growth, success, and positive attitudes of everyone in the JES family. 

    2020-2021 Campus Goals:

    • Reaching/teaching the whole (holistic) child

    • Improving Communication (i.e. staff relationships, being transparent with students, and using problem-solving skills)

    • Academic Growth (i.e. writing across the curriculum, differentiation to meet all student needs, and improving life skills amongst students) 




    The purpose of the Zoom meeting is to provide an opportunity for students to engage with one another and the teacher as a whole. The teacher can provide provided a guided Q & A session regarding lessons, answer any lesson questions, conduct SEL checks on by asking open-ended questions. If students are needing intensive instructional supports, this should be conducted in a small group setting with the teacher at a different time.

    Daily instructional videos should be posted in all Goggle Classrooms. The instructional videos should provide students with the instructional support/guidance you would have provided to teach the concept the student is learning. Even if you are providing paper packets, daily instructional videos should be posted to support students! 

    Students should also have your contact information, and office hours (i.e. Monday-Thursday 9:00-12:00).

    Please encourage your students to complete attendance questions/activities each morning so attendance may be submitted before leaving school at 12:00.