• College application website -     www.applytexas.org

    Explore different colleges -        http://www.collegeforalltexans.com

    Learn more about colleges -      collegesearch.collegeboard.com

    OCCRRC (College Career & Readiness) - www.txccrsc.org

    All colleges require SAT and/or ACT testing - make sure you are signed up for one or both prior to the deadlines.
    Refer to "Testing Dates and Information" on this website for details.

    College Campus Visits are Important!
    Seniors have two days to make visits to a college.
    Juniors have one day in the spring to visit a college.
    Forms for Juniors and Seniors are available in the counselor's office.
    All juniors and seniors are encouraged to attend the College Fair at Tivy High SChool in October.
    See the counselor for transportation and date.