• Pre-K Family Engagement Plan


    Facilitate Family-to-Family Support:

    Junction ISD provides opportunities for families to participate in campus/district initiatives such as:

    • Meet the Teacher Night before the first day of school
    • EPIC Meetings, Programs & Projects
    • Parent communication share/send outs on curriculum, parent participation, home/school connections, etc.
    • Campus Classroom Evening Events: Open House, Literacy Nights(Book Fairs), Coffee with Principal and Counselor, and Pre-K every six weeks workshops
    • Parent Support during class field trips


    Establish a Network of Community Resources:

    Junction ISD partnerships with various community organization to help create a network of resources that will directly benefit our Pre-K families as needed:

    • Referral to various organizations specializing in support for students with
    • special needs as needed
    • Pre-K Round Up information is distributed throughout district to help share about the Pre-K program. (Website and social media included)
    • Region 15 Special Education and Early Childhood Family engagement activities
    • Campus Counselor assistance as needed for guidance and needs


    Increase Family Participation in Decision-Making:

    Junction ISD encourages family participation in decision-making through:

    • Parent Surveys
    • Teachers communicate through Home/School Communication Folders, Face to Face communication, or apps(Remind, district Social Media)
    • Parent Conferences
    • District Community Meetings & Campus Meetings
    • EPIC


    Equip Families with Tools to Enhance and Extend Learning:

    Junction ISD provides opportunities for Pre-K families to receive the tools needed to enhance and extend learning such:

    • Parent/Teacher conferences
    • Sharing tips/tools to enhance parent’s knowledge in area of child development (websites, newsletters, checklists)


    • Parent Share—Pre-K guidelines/Curriculum, classroom routines, procedures
    • Behavior supports incorporated at school are shared with families to promote consistency
    • Region 15 Education Center
    • Progress monitoring data as needed

    Develop Staff Skills in Evidence Based Practices that Support Families in  Meeting their Children’s Learning Benchmarks:

    Junction ISD trains Pre-K Staff on the value and importance of family engagement through:

    • Region 15 Early Education Professional Development (Trainings & Conferences)
    • Collaboration Meetings
    • Teacher’s brainstorm effective communication family supports/strategies during grade level meetings
    • Pre-K progress monitoring trainings
    • Pre-K Teacher Coaching


    Evaluate Family Engagement Efforts and use Evaluations/Surveys for  Continuous Improvement:

    Junction ISD uses the following data to provide continuous improvement of the Pre-K program:

    • District surveys
    • Pre-K surveys
    • Parent meeting attendance
    • Pre –K Progress monitoring data


    Resource Links: http://www.tgclibrary.com/ https://www.esc15.net/ http://www.parenttoolkit.com/


    For Young Children http://www.starfall.com/ http://www.readingrockets.org/ http://pbskids.org/ http://www.storylineonline.net/


    Early Childhood Development/Milestones: http://www.parentcompanion.org/ http://www.littletexans.org/Home.aspx https://actearlytexas.org/LearnTheSigns.aspx https://www.naeyc.org/resources/topics/play