How much will the rate change?

The 2019 JISD tax rate is 0.97 per $100 of assessed value.

This rate was brought about by the Texas Legislature compressing tax rates for 2019. 

JISD's rate was at $1.0333 the previous year.

JISD Board of Trustees adopted a rate of $1.0092 for year 2020. JISD is required to hold the VATRE to utilize the number of accessible pennies allowed once the board adopts a rate that exceeds what the board has the authority to approve without going to the voters. (Tax Code)

Texas Education Agency assigned JISD a MCR of 0.8392. 

JISD Board has the authority to add .05 to the MCR of 0.8392 without voter approval making year 2020 a tax rate of 0.8892.